Placement Programme

  • Be a partner in Career Advancement of students to build and develop relevant competencies among students for placements.
  • Enable placements for all students participating in the process. Provide at least one job for each student.
  • Maintain strong relationships with recruiters.
  • Increase the number of offers from recruiting companies.
  • Manage a streamlined Placement process, taking care of the interests of the students, recruiters and the School.
    Eligibility Criteria:
  • 80% Attendance in classes
  • 85% in the Training Program “Budding Manager Program” (BMP).
  • 90% attendance in pre placement training.
  • Performance Feedback in the BMP.
  • Quality fieldwork.
  • Employer Feedback during the Summer Internship Program (SIP).

  • The Placement Committee of the Institute assists the companies in the recruitment process. The Committee comprises of the Placement Coordinator, Course Coordinators, Faculty Members and Student Placement Committee members. The Placement Coordinator is the convener of the placement committee.

    Pre-placement Process

    The Placement program for the students graduating in April 2013 has been scheduled to start from October 2012. To confirm participation, the organizations are requested to complete the Placement Response Sheet provided at the end of this brochure and mail it back at the earliest to enable the early allotment of dates.

    Guidelines for Final Placements

    The following guidelines have been framed by the Institute to ensure transparent participation in the placement activities for the class of 2013-15.

    Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.
    1. Details regarding the organization’s placement requirements can be forwarded to the Placement Coordinator of the Institute at the earliest. These details are essential for scheduling the placement process.
    2. Information about the company in the form of brochures, pamphlets, write-ups etc. may be sent to the Placement Coordinator to give a brief overview of the organization.
      Pre-Placement talks will be held at the Institute during which the companies make presentations about their operations and job profile.
    3. The Placement Coordinator will forward to the Organization the Curriculum Vitae of all the students interested to participate in the placement process.
    4. The interviews will be held in the campus, but if the organization wishes that the students should come to their office for interviews, this requirement can also be met on a mutually convenient date.
    5. The company is expected to declare the results while on the Campus.
    6. Once a student accepts an offer he/she is not eligible to participate in further selection process of any other company.
    7. All the offer letters to the students by the organizations must be channeled through the Placement Coordinator. Duplicate copies of the appointment letters duly signed and accepted by the students will be returned to the organization.


    1) Rathan Global Business Schoool
    2) Pattabhi Institute of Management Sciences
    3) Pattabhi Degree College

    OUR NETWORK AND Recruiters

    For Placements, please contact
    Dr. Uday Kumar Reddy
    Professor (HR) & Placement Coordinator
    Phone: +91 -08454-236100
    Fax: +91 – 08454-236200